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TV & Film

Space Warriors "Opening"

Space Warriors "Kids at Camp and Debris Collson"

Hard Four

Voodoo Dawn


Silent Partner

Deadly Little Secrets

Elvis Meets Nixon

Elvis Meets Nixon


Elvis Meets Nixon ”Mr. President

Elvis Meets Nixon ”DEA Meet

The Wall ”Opening

The Wall ”Mom at the Wall


The Wall ”Jungle Chase

Chicken Tango

Down Came the Blackbird

The Gambler V ”Bank Job


Cutaway ”Death Dive

Cutaway ”First Jump

Rio Diablo

Food For The Heart ”Harmony


Rockin’ The Corps

Animal Rescue ”Roos N More


Stan Lee Presents “The Condor” Opening"

Stan Lee Presents “The Condor” Battle

Stan Lee Presents “The Condor” Stomped

The SissyDuckling


New Groove ”Map Chase

New Groove ”The Rescue

Jonny Quest ”Surd

Happily Ever After ”Robinita Hood / Sir Guey


Happily Ever After ”Robinita Hood Opening

Happily Ever After ”Mother Goose

Happily Ever After ”The Pied Piper

Happily Ever After ”Ali Babba


Happily Ever After ”Goldilocks


As Seen Through These Eyes

For Love Of Liberty

I Hope You Dance

Our People. Our Culture. Our History ( The story of Sycuan and the Kumeyaay nation)

Recording Engineer

Etta James Live “Prime Ticket Clues Concert”

Kenny Dolly and Willie “Blue Skies”

Willy Nelson “Stardust”

Garth, Trisha and Kenny Rogers "The Old Mans Back"